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Pro's Work Corral
The Pro's Work Corral is a place to listen to work tapes of songs in different stages of training - halter broke to full broke!
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Verlon Thompson
"Walt Sample is passionate about the craft of songwriting. With Big Mule Music, Walt has created a show place....not just for his own songs, but for his fellow songwriters and their songs. I plan on stopping by the Songwriters Stalls and Barnagie Hall often Big Mule Music....the barn door is always open."

-Verlon Thompson, 35 years as a professional songwriter, traveling troubadour and as the trusted sidekick of Texas Americana songwriting icon Guy Clark.
Verlon ThompsonVerlon telling the story of "Benny Allen's Ride"-

“Sunny Sweeney is a real sweet and talented Texas singer songwriter. She came to Nashville several years ago and looked me up to sit down and create something. She started talking about how she loved this old man who was her ex-husband's grandfather. I don't think she minded losing her husband but hated to lose touch with Bennie.
We wrote some verses but I never felt like it was quite complete. A few months ago I wrote the verse about the stockyard and the red canyon. Those two images seemed to bring it all home for me. I did this work tape and emailed it to Sunny. She wrote me back and said she was sitting there crying like a baby as she listened. It is exactly what I wanted to hear in the song.”
Chris Hillman"My best wishes to Walt Sample and his Big Mule Music Web Barn. This is a wonderful place to find and listen to great new songs written with honesty straight from the heart."

-Chris Hillman, founding member of the Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Desert Rose Band and Member of Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
Bill Kirchen

“Walt’s Big Mule Music Web Barn has a whole bunch of blue ribbon songs, song writers and friendly chat, freely given to all us music lovers and tune wranglers. There’s a lot of spirit in here.”

Bill Kirchen founding member of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airman, The Moonlighters and The Bill Kirchen Band. Grammy nomination for his instrumental “Poultry in Motion.” Named “A Titan of the Telecaster” by Guitar Player Magazine.

Big Barn
Welcome to the barn! Come on in and stay awhile; there is lots to do. You can listen to some tunes and maybe read a few stories or perhaps look thru some mule photos!
Big Mule Music is a diverse family of friends that share the love of songwriting. Come in and listen to some original music from a variety of songwriters. Big Mule Toby serves as Stall Master and puts his favorite songs in Barnagie Hall for you to hear - not a road apple in the bunch!

Barnegie Hall

Barnagie Hall

Listen to some tunes! Big Mule Music’s songwriters have worked hard to bring your ears enjoyable melodies and lyrics. Turn up the volume and click on a song. Listen all you want. New songs are added all the time.

songwriter stalls

Songwriters Stalls

Profiles of our songwriters. They talk about their influences, idols, favorite songs growing up, why they became songwriters, favorite guitars, colors, where they call home and much more.

Walt's Journal

Walt's Journal

A blooming collection of fragmented lyrics, song ideas, short stories, cool metaphors, similes, and random thoughts that belong in a cyber-barn full of songwriters. Plus intriguing and entertaining snap shots of mules and other groovy stuff.